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Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis

DMA 242 E Artemis Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer

DMA 242 E Artemis Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer

DMA 242 E Artemis
Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer
The Most Versatile DMA in the World

The new DMA 242 E Artemis combines ease of handling with the user-friendly Proteus® measurement and evaluation software. This makes it fast and easy to characterize the dynamic mechanical properties as a function of frequency, temperature and time.

Its modular design along with a wide variety of sample holders and cooling systems allow the DMA 242 E Artemis to handle a broad range of applications and samples.

Various add-on options make it the ideal device for any laboratory and a safe investment for the long-term.

Hang-down design : for easy accessibility, handling and changing of the different sample holders

Over 30 different sample holders :for optimal adjustment of measurement conditions to material properties

Controlled gas flow (inert or oxidizing) :with optimal heat transfer on samples for defined measurement conditions

Various cooling options. :Two different cooling systems; liquid nitrogen-controlled cooling to -170°C and compressed-air cooling with vortex tube to cool to 0°C

Controlled force range up to 24 N :(12 N static and 12 N dynamic) for measurements of very stiff samples. Increased resolution in the measuring range 4 N static and 4 N dynamic

A stepper motor with a 20-mm travel range :allows for precise testing on materials which exhibit substantial changes in length during a DMA measurement. This is particularly important for the different static experiments available with the DMA 242 E Artemis; i.e., creep, relaxation and TMA mode.

Key Technical Data
(subject to change)

Temperature range: 170°C to 600°C
Heating rate: 0.01 to 20 K/min
Frequency range: 0.01 to 100 Hz
High force range: 24 N (12 N static and 12 N dynamic)
High resolution force range: 8 N (4 N static and 4 N dynamic)
Controlled strain amplitude: ± 240 μm
Static deformation: Up to 20 mm
Modulus range: 10-3 to 106 MPa
Damping range (tanδ): 0.005 to 100


The DMA 242 E Artemis runs under Proteus® Software on Windows®. The Proteus® Software includes everything you need to carry out a measurement and evaluate the resulting data. Through the combination of easy-to-understand menus and automated routines, a tool has been created that is extremely user-friendly and, at the same time, allows sophisticated analysis. The Proteus® Software is licensed with the instrument and can of course be installed on other computer systems.

DMA features:

Logarithmic or linear scaling of the results (e.g. storage modulus, loss modulus, damping factor, resilience, length change) in up to 4 Y axes
Display of the measurement parameters (e.g. force, displacement, amplitude, offset) as a function of time, temperature and frequency.
Definition of values on every data plot
Length-change curve with evaluation of the coefficient of linear thermal expansion
Superposition (master curve) in accordance with the Williams-Landel-Ferry-equation
Activation energy in accordance with Arrhenius analysis
Cole-Cole diagram
Force-displacement or stress-strain diagram
Tension-expansion diagram for strain/stress sweeps (optional)

You can use the following software with this product:

Proteus® Software, Advanced Software

Additional Information:

Eplexor Series Up To 500 N

Eplexor Series Up To 500 N

High-Force DMA/DMTA

The testing instruments of the EPLEXOR® series up to 500 N enable the dynamic mechanical (or static) characterization of a wide range of different materials including elastomers and polymers, composites, metals, glasses, ceramics, biomaterials and foods, adhesives, and liquids.

The modular design of the high-force DMA/DMTA systems allows for measurements in the tension, compression, bending and shearing modes. The testing machines in this series differ from each other mainly in terms of their maximum dynamic force ranges of 25 N, 50 N, 150 N and 500 N.

Various add-on options make these testing machines a safe investment for the long-term.

All testing machines in this series are conform to standards such as DIN 53513, ISO 6721/1, ISO 6721/4, ISO 6721/5, ISO 6721/6, ISO 4664, ASTM D4065, and ASTM D4473.

Flexible and Set for the Future means of a variety of force and strain sensors as well as furnaces which allow for easy upgrades to the basic system at any time after the first installation

High Force Levels
...allowing for static loads up to 1500 N and dynamic loads up to ± 500 N; especially meaningful for investigations on curable resins, elastomers, composites, metals, glasses or ceramics

Two Independent Drives
...featuring a servo motor for static and a shaker for dynamic loads

Interchangeable Force Sensors
...which can be easily changed out by the operator; nominal loads available ranging from 10 N to 5000 N

24/7 Operation via the Automatic Sample Changer
...for tension, compression and bending samples across the entire temperature range around the clock

Optimized for Temperature Sweeps on Large Samples
...thanks to uniform heating of even large samples with low thermal conductivity (e.g., large rubber specimens)

Highly Economic LN2 Cooling
...for low liquid nitrogen consumption

Simultaneous Determination of Dynamic Mechanical and Dielectric Material Properties

Key Technical Data(subject to change)



High-Temperature DMA/DMTA

High-Temperature DMA/DMTA
High-Temperature DMA/DMTA

Thanks to the extraordinary modularity of the NETZSCH GABO DMA/DMTA machines, all EPLEXOR® instruments can be delivered in high-temperature versions. Two high-temperature furnaces are available: RT to 1000°C and RT to 1500°C. Both furnaces feature heating rates between 0.1 K/min and 30 K/min.

With a standard furnace (-150°C to 500°C) simultaneously mounted, it is possible to carry out consecutive test runs in the high- and the low-temperature range. The application fields of HT-EPLEXOR® systems cover ceramics, glasses, metals, all kind of composites, polymers and other organic substances i.e., a very broad spectrum of material properties.

The electronics of the system identifies automatically which furnace is currently used.

The following EPLEXOR® HT DMAs are available:

Instrument TypeMax. Static ForceMax. Dynamic Force *)
EPLEXOR® 25N HT1500 N± 25 N
EPLEXOR® 100N HT1500 N± 100 N
EPLEXOR® 150N HT1500 N± 150 N
EPLEXOR® 500N HT1500 N± 500 N
EPLEXOR® 2000N HT2000 N± 2000 N
EPLEXOR® 4000N HT4000 N± 4000 N
EPLEXOR® 6000N HT6000 N± 6000 N
EPLEXOR® 8000N HT8000 N± 8000 N

Key Technical Data(subject to change)

*) For high-temperature ceramic sample holders there is a force limit of 500 N, independent of the instrument type.

Ultra-High Force DMA/DMTA

Ultra-High Force DMA/DMTA
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